Inverness Vancouver House

Paint full exterior: clapboard siding, shingles, soffits, fascia, windows, doors, door frames, knee brackets. Activities undertaken by Pro Works Vancouver

Surface Preparation: The paint on the trim was chalking everywhere and extremely dirty.  Powerwashed the house with TSP, then rinsed  with powerwashing. Let the house dry out for a week before starting the prep. Lots of areas had flaking paint and alligatoring, scrapers to remove the loose flaking paint and used orbital sanders to sand down the lips and alligatoring spots. Refinishing the entrance way required filling in divots, so the area was looking new and smooth. Masked off the windows, roof, and decks with paper and plastic.

Painting: Full coat of Zinnser oil based primer, followed by 2 coats of Superpaint Satin on all surfaces. Same sheen applied all over the home so the entire home could be sprayed. Entire home was covered in chalking and oil based paint that needed to be prepped prior to painting.

Safety: Harness for roof work. Ladder hooks for platform on roof to paint the dormers. N95 masks and goggles for the extensive prep and for the painter prepping.



3910 Inverness  Vancouver

3910 Inverness Vancouver
Kensington-Cedar Cottage

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