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I love what I do. Running any business is incredibly challenging and tremendously rewarding. The ability to create employment opportunities for my team, work with clients to establish their needs, and develop a brand that I so strongly believe in are all reasons why I can’t wait to get up out of bed and start my day each morning. Pro Works has given me the opportunity to travel and see the world and establish the building blocks needed to create the life I want to live and I am truly thankful for that. I am constantly striving to achieve my personal and financial goals and Pro Works is the perfect place to foster that relationship.

The most important value we have as a professional painting company is the satisfaction of our customers. Not only delivering a quality painting job but ensuring my clients are ecstatic with our customer service and wouldn’t hesitate to refer us to their friends and family. I am always available to my clients from the very beginning of the job and straight through to the end. I feel effective communication is essential in this line of work and no client should feel undo stress. I look forward to working with you.

Trent Lindgaard

Owner, Pro Works Painting Vancouver

Quality first

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  • 3 year Paint and Labour warranty applies to all projects (contact us for details)
  • $5,000,000 in liability insurance covers you from any damage

Reduces the impact of VOCs on indoor air quality with selection of appropriate painting products and following environmentally friendly painting procedures. Reduced volatile gases provides a healthier living or work space.

Safety is important for of all work sites. ProWorks Painting’s Safety Program includes on sight manuals and weekly safety briefings of which are the most advanced in the industry. Feel free to ask the ProWorks Vancouver Crew Chief to see the on-site safety program; We are proud of the program. It is a good practice to make sure any contractor you have doing work on your home has an on-site written safety program as it lowers the risk of any possible problems.

All Pro Works business owners and painters must complete an extensive on-line safety course. All equipment is WCB approved and all appropriate procedures are followed.

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Professional Painting Services | Pro Works Painting Vancouver

Pro Works Painting

Vancouver, Lower Mainland Area
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Pro Works Painting Vancouver offers complimentary estimates on all your painting needs.
From new developments to renovations, for commercial buildings, industrial buildings, retail, apartment complexes, strata and detached residential.

Operating throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Tsawwassen, Burnaby, Tri Cities and all over the Lower Mainland. ProWorks Vancouver is available to tackle new projects and in building working relationships. We are invested in safety and are fully insured offering 5 million in liability. Pro Works Painting has a 3 year warranty (contact us for details) and uses only the best products to ensure both a beautiful and durable finished product.

Pro Works Vancouver believes in providing clients with unmatched service and customer care by following an industry leading systematized approach which provides peace of mind. Our clients know exactly what to expect, down to the smallest details. ProWorks makes your next painting project as seamless as possible, get in touch with us today!


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Pro Works Vancouver Client Commitment
4 refer-ability habits at each level of our business

Do What We Say We Will Do

Be On Time

Be Courteous and Polite

Finish What We Start

Pro Works Vancouver

High Quality Commercial, Retail, Residential Painters

Trent Lindgaard

Exterior or Interior painting projects, Pro Works Vancouver can accommodate your project.

  • Pro Works Vancouver Owner Trent Lindgaard has a wealth of painting experience
  • Experienced Painters know what it takes to get your job done
  • Pro Works Quality Workmanship starts with proper surface preparation
  • On Time – On Budget – No Mess
  • Pro Works only uses Quality Paint providing a lasting finish
  • Pro Works Franchise experience is based upon serving Alberta and BC since 1991
  • Pro Works is proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau

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Making your job easier by doing our job well!

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